Facts & Specs

Water Stairs

  • 4 foot wide stairs provide comfortable steps
  • 7 inch rise
  • 12 inch run
  • A gradual 30º slope
  • Anti-slip surface and optional hand rails
  • Leveling legs at the bottom end are included.
  • The stair treads are made with either Aluminum or Evernew decking and can be ordered by the number of treads required for your specific application

Decking Options

Aluminum decking systems are a high performance outdoor decking product designed to look great for decades. Enjoy the value of owning a dock with virtually no annual maintenance costs. The designs and manufacturing process guarantees that the aluminum does not get hot to the touch – even in DIRECT SUNLIGHT!!!

Evernew (Vinyl)
Easy-to-clean, non-porous vinyl surface that won’t stain from accidental spills or ground-in dirt. Deck systems are offered in a variety of colors that are UV protected for long-term durability and superior color retention. Plus, it cuts, fastens and handles easier than wood planks.

  • Snap-in fill pieces hide fasteners 12′, 16′ and 20′ lengths
  • Easy-to-install planks screw directly to joists and prevent squeaking
  • Safe, non-slip, raised ridge tread
  • End cover fastener
  • End cover 12′ lengths
  • Rigid multi-ribbed profile spans 24″ joist spacing (16″ recommended)
  • 3/4″ fascia cover plug