Our passion stems from the great outdoors and anything water related.

​When Jim Wynn was younger, he wanted a job where he could be in the sun, enjoy the water and be outdoors all summer. He acquired a job installing docks.

For many years Jim enjoyed servicing, selling and installing docks until he severely hurt his back and could no longer do this intense, back breaking work.

Because of his love of the industry and he had established a significant following, Jim decided to build and manufacture docks based on his extensive experience and from his own service stand point. He knew what different dock systems lacked and what appealed to him in other dock systems. ​He took his knowledge of being in the field, combined that with durable materials and quality workmanship, purchased a manufacturing facility, Sebago Metal Fabricating, and created the Alummikon brand.

Sebago Dock & Lifts, Inc. takes great pride in standing by our products. We believe that with years of experience, combined with our team of passionate fabricators, we’ve created a team that’s trustworthy, works hard and cares. We deliver nothing but the best manufactured docks and the best service to our customers.

We strive to not only offer the best possible solution for your waterfront, but we promise to do it at an affordable price.

With outstanding marks from the Better Business Bureau and a determination to be the best we can be to all of our customers, Sebago Dock & Lifts, Inc. promises to deliver quality products and excellent customer service every time.