Boat House Lift & Overhead Boat Lift

Boat House Lift is designed to install easily in new or existing boathouses without special tools. These lifts have a centrally located overhead power drive with dual spools, heavy-duty electric motors and a sealed gear reducer. Models are available with lifting capacities of 2500, 4500, 6000 and 9000 lbs.

Overhead boat lifts are built of galvanized steel and ideally protect your boat from damaging rough water and debris. These lifts are designed for deep-water applications and are adjustable in order to position I-Beam Cradles or Slings at the desired location on the boat’s hull.

Features of Boat House Lifts & Overhead Boat Lifts

  • A reversing switch returns to the neutral position and stops the boat at desired height.
  • The power drive is protected by a GFCI.
  • Remote Control power drives are available for each model.
  • Choose either I-Beam Cradles or nylon Slings to support your boat.
  • Many accessories are available for each lift.
  • Brackets and hangers are protected with durable powder-coat paint and fit 6″ wide beams. (Boat House Lifts)
  • Boat House Lifts are designed to adjust to most boat dimensions and are ideal for use in rough or deep-water.
  • Adjustable legs accommodate a range of water depths. (Overhead Lifts)
  • Overhead Lifts are ideal for use in rough water.