Services Offered


Sebago Dock offers a “Full Boat” of springtime installation services – from the most basic to the incredibly complex, you can rest easy knowing that we have the knowledge and skill to complete your waterfront service correctly and on time. Our dock crews begin their season just a few days after ice out, perfect for all of you early season fisherman and early bird boaters. All of our dock service crews are friendly, efficient, experienced, knowledgeable, and fully insured.


Our dock crews will remove your dock and store it neatly and safely on shore, and take care of any repairs that are needed so that your dock will be ready for spring. Upon removal our crews will inspect your dock and we will inform you of any problems that may need attention before next spring’s installation, and we will happily repair them in the fall.


Sebago Dock & Lift repairs all types of docks, including permanent docks, modular docks, wood docks, and also performs welding, repair and troubleshooting of aluminum docks and boat lifts. We also have extensive experience with marina repairs/construction, as well as commercial docks.

Diving & Mooring Services

It is a prudent decision to have your mooring “hands on” inspected every other year. Our friendly divers will inspect your mooring and make recommendations based on their experience and knowledge. We also take care of mooring relocation/moving, chain replacement, new moorings, moving rocks, and marine salvage in both fresh and salt water.


All of the waterfront products that we service are subject to annual or bi-annual maintenance or inspection particularly mooring systems and boat lifts. Having Sebago Dock & Lift service and maintain your equipment on a regular basis guarantees that it’s always ready to go!