Exceptional quality, versatility and durability

Our Truss-Style, Roll-In Dock systems are built for strength, stability and comfort.

With versatile aluminum frame construction, our docks are configurable to any length or layout, yet
remain lightweight for trouble-free installation.

Accessories and options include dock corners, ramps, adjustable leg kits, wheel kits, adjustable stairway, ladders, vinyl bumpers and much more.

Roll-In Docks are featured with durable aluminum construction and stainless steel hardware.

Our Roll-In, Truss-Style docks are designed to permit waves to flow through the frame for even more added durability and stability and can be easily disassembled when out of the water for out of sight storage.

All Roll-In docks have a screw system on each wheel kit versus one leveling system at the end of the dock with mid-section support posts. If one wheel drops into a hole or sinks into the mud, it can easily be leveled.

Standard wheel is drilled and fills with water for ballast. Works best in firm to moderately soft applications where the anticipated settling will be no greater than 6″ into dense mud.

Simply choose the type of decking surface that works the best for your application and we will handle the rest! Roll-In Docks are known for their easy installation, and excellent stability. Especially in cold climates, there’s no need to endure frigid water – just roll your dock in or out and you’re ready for action. Spend more time with your family and loved ones with your easy to install and remove, Roll-In dock. You won’t spend the weekend putting in your dock and you’ll have more time to enjoy it! Many sizes are available to accommodate your needs.

All of our docks can be made into Roll-In docks, and unless other specified, standard Roll-In docks come with our Truss-Style Dock system.

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